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About Us

In Broadstairs

Curious Explorers in Broadstairs has been running since 1987 and is registered with Ofsted. We are situated close to the beach and take advantage of this regularly. It is a small and friendly pre-school benefiting both children and their parents.

We provide the environment and the practitioners to provide your child with as many opportunities as possible to enable him or her to develop.

In Margate

Curious Explorers in Margate opened in 2009 and is situated in the centre of Margate.

Every child is welcome and special to us, no matter what their health, gender, culture or circumstances and we will work together with the parents or carers of the child to provide the activities and attention that he or she needs to develop to their best potential.

Loving, Friendly & Happy

The pre-school atmosphere is loving, friendly and happy; catering for a wide range of needs. Children at Curious Explorers learn through playing and doing and through being with adults who are polite, considerate and respectful to other adults and to children.

We help prepare older children for full-time schooling in accordance with the Government's foundation stage curriculum.

An Excellent Reputation

We are proud to say that Curious Explorers has an excellent reputation so if you are thinking of choosing our school for your child, please speak with other parents who have their child already here.

I'm sure that they will give you an honest opinion from their expereince of the school. Please feel free to pop in and see us at any time.

No appointment needed.